Be the leader to bring wellness into your community.

There are three trainings offered for individuals who want to lead wellness and lifestyle change programs in their workplace and community.

In addition to trainings, customized presentations and wellness programs can be created for any organization big or small.

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Be part of the movement to end diabetes


The Diabetes Prevention Program reduces the risk of diabetes for participants by


Reduces the risk

Facilitators of the program are known as Lifestyle Coaches, and they lead groups through the year long program to help participants achieve their goals and reduce the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. If you want more information on the Diabetes Prevention Program click here to visit the page on the program.

Give yourself a


Facilitate the Get Into Fitness Today program!

The Get Into Fitness Today (GIFT) program gives participants the skills and tools to lose weight, improve health, and reduce the risk for chronic disease.

This program is 12 weeks and participants see real results by the end of the program. Find out what makes this program so successful and lead others to wellness and improve health.

or email for more information on becoming a Lifestyle Coach or a GIFT facilitator.

Does your business or organization have a wellness program?

If not, we are here to help! We can customize a wellness program for any size business or organization so that staff have the tools to improve and maintain health. Businesses with a wellness program have:

Our Master Trainer Select, Mandy, is an expert in program facilitation, wellness, weight loss, and getting participants to reach physical activity goals. Contact her today for more information:

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