Children’s Health and Wellness

…because it’s never too early for good health.

…because it’s never too early for good health.

Since children are constantly growing, it’s never too early (or too late) to get on the path to good health and wellness.

Benefits of health and wellness programming for children:

Better academic performance

Brain health

Stronger muscles and bones

Reduced risk for chronic disease

Growth and weight control

Improved sleep patterns

Get Into Fitness Together

a Learning Emotional Activity Program (GIFT-LEAP) was created by dietitians, nutrition and health educators using evidence-based materials to deliver realistic health information, tips, and tools to children and their parents.

The program is 6 sessions and topics include:

The GIFT-LEAP program follows a young kangaroo named Joey and his friend Bully Frog. Joey is eager to find ways to eat foods he likes and have energy for the activities that make him happy. Meanwhile, Bully Frog struggles to make good choices and often ends up with an upset tummy and unable to keep up with Joey. GIFT-LEAP gives children and parents the tools to find ways to eat healthy- and enjoy the food, eat healthy on a budget, build in physical activity, reduce screen time with electronics, and find healthy ways to cope with stressors.

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